Friday, December 12, 2008

National Ding-A-Ling Day

Margie: No, I'm not talking about bells or telephones when I refer to a ding-a-ling. That's because this holiday refers to wackos, lunatics, and nitwits. I cannot call any names here but I expect we all know at least one ding-a-ling.

So, get wild and crazy today and have some fun. Blame your behavior on the holiday. Be sure to watch this video and see some real ding-a-lings.


angelinabeadalina said...

You ladies had me worried for a moment there. Your title called to mind a song the boys used to like to sing in grade school, some dirty little ditty often sung by that Berry fella. Anyway, there's plenty of ding-a-lings and lunatics roaming around, so I might as well have fun and blend in today :)

Sue said...

I don't know any ding-a-lings. Does that mean I'm the ding-a-ling?

Dwacon® said...

Wasn't ding-a-ling the sidekick of Hokey Wolf in those old Hanna-Barbera cartoons?

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

I ♥ Dean Martin. Cool! Have a terrific ding-a-ling day. :)

Daryl said...

Isn't that Jayne Kennedy ?

DCRose said...

You have a great blog! Thanks for the ad.

Merry Christmas!

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