Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Lucky New Year's Day food


Edna: Since we're coming up on New Year's Day, we'd best get to cooking Margie. You know Mama always said that there were some foods you should eat on January 1st to give you good luck. Remember how she used to make that big pot of black-eyed peas?

Margie: I do remember, Edna. Mama would put that hog jowl in that pot then we'd have onions with them when they were done.

I recall you never would eat the hog jowl. No wonder you never had much luck.

Edna: Margie, I don't see how hog jowls are lucky; they sure weren't lucky for the poor hog.

Another lucky New Year's food I've always wondered about is cabbage, which is supposed to be a sign of prosperity. Cabbage was never lucky for me, because it surely doesn't agree with me.

Margie: Cabbage doesn't agree with me either, Edna. I've eaten it in the past but I'm sure not prosperous in a financial way.

I do enjoy my greens though. Greens are supposed to be a symbol for cash but nobody ever told me how many to eat. Do you know?

Edna: Eat them all, Margie, I can't stand greens.

You know, one food that is supposed to be unlucky on New Year's is any kind of fowl, like chicken. That's a shame, because I sure do have a hankering for some Kentucky Fried.

Margie: Edna, are you sure about that? The Colonel never told me that when we were dating!

I sure could eat some of those mashed potatoes and gravy about now. I believe they'd make me feel lucky .

Edna: Well, you'd best head on into town and pick some up then. Don't forget the biscuits.

Margie: Kiss my grits, Edna. I'm calling Cousin T.

Edna: You know, one of these days that boy is going to get tired of running errands for us. I hope it's not before he brings back our chicken dinners, though.


angelinabeadalina said...

No wonder I have spells of feeling unlucky. Don't like black eyed peas, can't stand greens, and made myself sick eating cabbage and cornbread one summer as a kid so now I can only handle it every once in a while. Mmmmm, but some roasted cabbage and bacon would be tasty.

miss tique said...

Dear Margie&Edna,

As I may not be available tomorrow, I want to send my thoughts for the coming year today.

I wish you both a Happy New Year with plenty of joy, good health and everything you wish for!

See you in 2009!

gLoR!e said...

Happy New Year both of you!:)

Balceroregontr said...

I love the black eyed peas I make mine with the ham bone. I eat the green but they are not my favorite but I would hate to not eat them and be out of luck.

My Autism Insights said...

I love black eyed peas & rice! You just reminded me that I have to pick some up to make for Thursday! Happy New Year!

Amy Lilley Designs said...

My extended family, in Brooklyn, always made black-eyed peas for New Year...it's a rich tradition. A very blessed and healthy 2009 to 'Margie and Edna'...:)))


EastCoastLife said...

May you be more charming, richer, healthier and happiest this coming new year!!

Happy year 2009!

Greetings and cheers from sunny Singapore!

MamaFlo said...

Love Black Eyed Peas!!

Happy New Year!

crazy working mom said...

We had our black eyed peas today. They were yummy! Here's to hoping they work. :D

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