Friday, September 17, 2010

Fall TV is here!

Edna: Margie! Haul your carcass in here and help me move this furniture. It's going to benefit you too, so don't you crab at me about it.

Margie: Oh my back! Edna, the Dr. said I can't move anything. I'll just sit here and watch you.

Edna: Not if you're planning on watching TV this fall with me, you won't. I want to get the living room sofa angled just so because there's always a glare from where I sit. I don't want to miss any little bit of Nathan Fillion's face when Castle comes back on Monday.


Margie: Sister, I don't think his face is all you like. Floozy. Maybe I will help then I'll be in the hospital where I'll have a TV all to myself.

Edna: Double win for me! You'll be out of my hair for a while and I won't have to listen to you whine about how I didn't make enough popcorn.

I know we both are looking forward to Castle and Supernatural coming back. Are there any new shows you particularly want to watch this season?

Margie: Well, I like the looks of The Event. That Blair Underwood can fill my screen anytime. You also know that my biker boys are back in Sons of Anarchy.

I'm looking forward to The Whole Truth too. Of course, nobody ever tells the truth anymore.

Edna: I'd say you're uniquely qualified to make that statement, sister.

You know, I like the looks of that new show, Undercovers. There's an actor on it who looks a whole lot like our Mayor Green, but surely that's just a coincidence.

Margie: Leave it to a floozy like you to want to watch something about Undercovers. You'd really like it even more if the Mayor is in it.

Edna, I hope you know that Supernatural will be on Friday nights now. I like that. I'll have Jensen dreams all weekend. Talk about Undercovers. Whee!


Edna: Oh good Lord, you're useless. Fine, I'll move the furniture myself but just know I'm picking the best seat in the house next week once the new shows start. I get to hold the remote control, too.

Margie: I hope you don't think that's some big news flash, nitwit.

Edna: I'll take that as agreement with me, you harpy, and our readers will back me up on that.


Annie said...

I too am excited about the Fall TV season being upon us once again. I do appreciate the summer shows that have kept me a little busy, like Psych and True Blood and Royal Pains. The new show Melissa and Joey is cute and light-hearted which is good to watch after an hour of True Blood.
Supernatural is one of my all time favorites and luckily hubby's too!! Although I wouldn't kick Jensen out of my bed, I prefer Jared and have followed him from his days on The Gilmore Girls. This month I am looking forward to the premiere of the new Hawaii Five-0 starring the dreamy Alex O'Laughlin!!

MAng said...


Thank you for sharing! I have a few items to test for the new season: The Event, Hawaii Five-O, Boardwalk Empire, and possibly Undercovers. At the moment, I have to finish up Rubicon, a dark and mysterious conspiracy show with the ever-likable James Badge Dale from The Pacific.

However, I am most looking forward to the fantastic science fiction show Fringe on FOX! This show is truly masterful and is must-watch-live. Like LOST or X-Files, it has a basis in fringe science and an overarching conspiracy, and likewise, the characters make the show. John Noble as Dr. Walter Bishop is analogous to Michael Emerson's Benjamin Linus or Terry O'Quinn's John Locke on LOST...utterly compelling characters and the finest of acting. Incredible show!

However, I must also profess my love for the family drama Parenthood on NBC. This show is as entertaining and clever as I have seen, involving a huge extended ensemble family. It is a wonderful mix of comedy, intriguing drama, charged situations, emotional crises and family perseverance. What is truly pioneering is that one of the children has autism, and the show provides some realistic perspectives on the impact of autism on both the child and the immediate (and extended) family. No show has made autism such a pronounced factor and done it so effectively and with some realism. Fantastic!

Keep up the great work!

Mang said...

If you are fans of George R. R. Martin's sociopolitical, historical fantasy book series, A Song of Ice and Fire, HBO is adapting Game of Thrones for a supposed release sometime in early 2011.

The books are incredibly compelling, but darker and murkier than Lord of the Rings, and not following the typical good/evil archetype; these characters are wickedly manipulative and straddle the gray areas in all things. It is a more mature and gritty adult fantasy, which is likely why HBO picked it up, and not prime time network television.

Unlike many fantasy works, no character is immune to the story, yet, through all of the darkness and grit, the author has a heart to give true strength to the most disenfranchised characters.

I cannot wait for Game of Thrones on HBO, which if successful will consist of 1 book per television season.


Poetic Shutterbug said...

You two are hussies. Leave Nathan for me. Don't you have enough with the Margiedales? you want Nathan too. He is MINE. This coming Monday and forever. Beckett better watch out too. She's the floozy ringleader.

RNSANE said...

I haven't seen any of these shows! However, a couple of weeks ago, my middle son turned me on to DEXTER. I don't get Showtime so I'd never seen it before but he knew it would be right up my alley - a forensic blood spatter expert with Miami Dade PD, a benevolent serial killer who gets the bad guys. Well, I sat up all night for two nights and watched the first two seasons, live, on Netflix, and I'm not finishing up the second two seasons on CD. I hate that I'll have to wait till season 5 is over to watch any more shows. I've loved it. Hopefully, I'll be in India for six months I can catch up in May!

So you gals will have to read my post from today about my giveaway and my blogaversary.

Poetic Shutterbug said...

If you two are getting more than your fair share of hits on your blog it's due to my visiting this post dozens of times a day to see Nathan :)

Auntie E said...

Oh yes Richard Castle tonight. I just have too wait. Still unsure about The Event. but I am ready for some new shows. The reruns are driving me nuts. So I have been watching documentaries and I have to say my brain is tired of all this knowledge. Time for imagination to take me away.

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