Thursday, July 1, 2010

O Kind and Gentle Margie


Margie: Edna, I am so tired of bad news. People being shot or stabbed, teachers abusing students, wars, oil spills. I though times would get better but seems like people are getting meaner instead.

So, Edna, I have decided to be a kinder, gentler Margie. I'm going to show people how much better it is to be kind and gentle instead of mean and violent. What do you think?

Edna: You'll pardon me if I take a moment to ponder the ramifications of this life-changing decision.

Just how exactly are you going to show people how to be kind and gentle? What's your plan of action, O Kind and Gentle Margie?

Margie: Well, I'm going to be kind and gentle at home first then at church. You know the neighbors and relatives I never could stand? I'm going to do good deeds for them and I'm not even going to yell at you.

Peace and love to you, sister.

Edna: Why don't you tell me exactly what else you're going to do at home besides not yell at me? I think you should try your hardest to set a good example for me, so I can be as kind and gentle as you are.

Margie: You are so right, Edna. I'm going to show you how to wash dishes and do laundry and clean your room. I'm going to show you lots of smiles instead of frowns and I'm going to sing even if I feel like crying. Best of all, I'm going to show you how to catch a man.

Edna: You know what I think would work best? Showing by example. So you go ahead and show me how to do all those things, I'll sit right here with my iced tea and take notes. You can start with the breakfast dishes.

Margie: Edna, I'm going to be kind and not call you a moron then I'm going to be gentle by smacking you on the head with this fly swatter.

There's a time and place for kind and gentle but it's not now in this house. Run for your life!

Edna: Hmph. I knew that was too good to be true.


RNSANE said...

Okay, you lured me in with your blog title today. I thought maybe Edna had been tippling the tea too much. I see it was all just a scam. There is no changing you two old dames. Ornery, crotchety, and adversarial as always - just the way we love you!

BK said...

That would be the best way to start; to start by being kind and gentle and starting in the house. We have a bunch of people who are ever ready to change the world except themselves. You are truly leading by example.

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