Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Thought Screen Helmet


Margie: Come on, Cousin T and Edna, and eat breakfast because we have work to do. I have found just what we need to keep us safe in this crazy world. It's a thought screen helmet and we have to make our own. This helmet will stop aliens from abducting us.

I think we'll probably have to wear them 24 hours a day because we sure don't want to be abducted in our sleep. Edna, we'll call this our new church hat and we won't need to buy any more hats ever.

Cousin T, we'll buy the materials if you'll make the hats. Lawsy me, I feel safer already.

Cousin T: The thought screen helmet has made you feel safer simply by knowing it exists? Imagine what it might do for you if we made you one. I got nothing to do this afternoon.

I will say this, that gal sure don't look too traumatized for having been abducted for years. And that fella looks like he has a secret alright.

Edna: Did either of you notice this part? It says on that site that these helmets are only successful for abductions from full-blood aliens. It won't work against "alien-human hybrids." How do you suppose we'd know the difference between a full alien and a hybrid that's trying to blend into Earth society? Because I'll tell you what, I've seen plenty of suspicious folks around here in Jericho that just didn't seem quite right.

Cousin T, pick me up a pretty purple hat to go over my helmet. There's nothing that says you can't be fashionable and protected from alien abductions at the same time.



RE Ausetkmt said...

those aliens will know who not to mess with. especially when those hats get to twinkling like that.

mandingo said...

Why on earth would anyone want to be protected against alien abduction?

And another thing; I see through your ruse. This is a fashion statement, and has nothing to do with alien deflection at all. Aliens know our wily earthing tricks, and dressing up like Biggles hasn't fooled anyone/thing since the second world war...

Repent Harlequin, said the tick tock man...

storybeader said...

Time to go shopping! You can always were the helmet under floppy hats and baseball caps!

erika said...

I say those hats are more like an early warning system to the aliens. Hey, look at me! I'm protecting myself from the aliens!

If I were an alien, I would pick those people first!!

Lisa R said...

found you via an Entrecard ad. My mother's name is Edna and I've always found that Ednas are the most interesting people!

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