Monday, February 23, 2009

Strange things are afoot at the Toys 'R' Us


Johnny Johnson lived in Pennsylvania before coming west to California sometime in the mid-1800s. He died in Sunnyvale in 1884, bleeding to death after accidentally cutting his leg chopping wood. This occurred on the spot where the Sunnyvale, CA Toys ’R’ Us stands today. Strange things are said to happen in that Toys 'R' Us....

Read the rest of the legend here.


Cousin T: The fact that Crazy Johnny haunts a Toys 'R' Us in Sunnyvale is more imagery than my poor brain can handle. Not to mention his beloved's name is Elizabeth Yuba Murphy Tafee…

I would like to drive into the parking lot around 3 AM and stake out this Spooks 'R' Us.

Margie: Cousin T, do you think I could go with you? There may be some ghosts of other gentlemen there because I was beloved by many gentlemen who have now passed on. I'm sure they haven't forgotten me.

Edna: Who do you two think you are, the Ghostbusters? My lands, I would expect this kind of hare-brained notion from Margie, but I thought you had more sense than that, Cousin T. Just what do you think would happen in that parking lot at 3AM? Besides, it sounds like that poor ghost is a mite lovelorn. Maybe you should just leave well enough alone.

Cousin T: I guess you're right. Ole Crazy Johnny might see the two of you lovely ladies and follow us home and we don't need no lanky ghost standing 'round the basement with his hands in his pockets nor knockin' over the special tea!


Paula Hawk said...

You two are the most creative bloggers I know, so of course, when I received the Kreativ Blogger award, you had to be the first blog I nominate!

Cathe said...

He's also not know to haunt the parking lot but certain areas inside the Toys R Us store.

Funny post by the way said...

This is very creative!

By the way, is the Toys 'R' Us in Little Rock haunted too?


Eat Well. Live Well.

RE Ausetkmt said...

and just What Kinda Special Tea would that be Girls ??

Flo said...

I used to live right near there and knew people who worked there. It was really freaky!!

kystorms said...

What a treat to see you grand ladies talking about the store I used to work at! I can attest to the fact that it is indeed haunted, but not so you would be scared out of your shorts. Many wonderful times spent working at that store.

thanks for the memories


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