Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A special birthday: Jim Beaver


When the two of us find an actor that we admire, we aren't usually shy about our affections, as our regular readers know. We are very lucky to have a public venue where we can express our admiration of these people who so entertain us and intrigue us. One such individual is Jim Beaver, who is celebrating a birthday today.

We know Mr. Beaver best from his role as Bobby Singer from the TV series, Supernatural. But when we went digging around to find more information about him, we were quite impressed with what we found. Not only is he an entertaining and talented actor, but he is also a well-read individual. He is a film historian, with a particular interest in the life and death of the actor George Reeves. He is also a published author, having written a biography of the actor John Garfield.

His acting career has spanned several decades, and he's clearly a hard-working actor. Some of his most recent and high-profile work has been on the shows Deadwood, Big Love, and John from Cincinnati. But as we've already mentioned, we know and love him best as Bobby Singer, the gruff demon hunter who serves as an adviser and surrogate father to the Winchester brothers in the CW's Supernatural. Bobby is one of our favorite recurring characters on the show, and we hope to see much more of him in the upcoming new season.

So folks, please join us in raising a glass of special tea to salute Mr. Jim Beaver on his birthday. Many happy returns, Mr. Beaver!



Linda said...

May I join you both in wishing Jim Beaver a Happy Birthday as well! :)

Margie and Edna said...

Linda, thank you. I hope he has a wonderful day!

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