Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Edna Nears Home


Margie: How do you folks like my fire? Cousin T came and got it going for me. I have my elderberry cordial and I'm snug and happy. Well, I'm happy for now anyway. It's always lovely when Edna is off on her winter vacation. I love the quiet and doing what I please. I hope she knows I don't want her to come back but she always comes home just to spite me. That calls for another cordial.

Anyhows, the nitwit gets home next week so the house will be a mess again and Edna will gripe and complain from daylight to dark. I bet she cleans up after herself when she's vacating. Vacationing. Too bad she can't find an old man to marry her then she could move.

Here's a roast- I mean a toast. To Edna, the witnit. Nitwit. Wait until I refill my glass. Okay, I toast thee idjit of the world. May you never come back to Jersey. I mean Jericho. I feel dizzy.

I'd best say goodnight friends. Have a good sleep with somebody handsome. Ta ta!

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